Welcome! I'm Renee, founder and owner of Why Travel. I enjoy reading, wine, great food and butter pecan ice cream, but my true love is traveling. I started a travel business because I have visited many places and believe everyone should experience new places and new faces. I enjoy tasting different foods, meeting interesting people and experiencing new things. Travel warms my heart, clears my head and stimulates my mind.  The beauty of travel is visiting places right in your own backyard that you never knew existed. 

Explore other countries, cultures and see the world through someone else’s eyes. Sharing experiences, laughing, loving and learning along the way. The world is a large playground for everyone to engage, play and enjoy. The gift of travel is priceless, precious and about creating memories. I have an exceptional team that has been by my side from the start. We share the same passion and vision, making my world brighter each day. 


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Along with our travel partners, we create “group” travel experiences. Specializing in cruises, destination weddings, sports, all-inclusive and luxury travel. Interacting vs "internet" is something we believe in. Adding that human element to enhance your travel experience is key and its what we do. Set sail on a private yacht, plan a destination wedding or see the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Whatever the occasion or celebration, it should be an amazing travel experience. The "WHY" in our name means "We Help You".

Enjoy the experience!