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I will purchase travel protection /trip insurance for all trip participants for the trip described above. I understand there is a deadline to obtain travel protection. Some vendors require the purchase of travel insurance before final trip payment is received. I decline the offer to purchase travel protection / trip insurance. I understand that I am solely responsible for any cancellation penalties and out-of-pocket expenses incurred. I will also make my own separate travel, medical and any other provisions in the event of an emergency while traveling. I also understand that I am not protected from loss in the event of any travel vendor, travel supplier or any travel-related operator default. This waiver confirms that I voluntarily decline travel insurance and travel protection insurance for the trip described above. I understand I am solely liable for all airline fees, supplier fees, and agency fees that may apply, and I hereby release Why Travel LLC, and its agents from any and all liability related to the trip described above.
I have read this document and understand this document and all consequences resulting from my decision to purchase or decline trip protection/insurance. By submitting this form, I agree with all information included.
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